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My Week In Photos #4

My last 'Week In Photos' post was half a year ago so I decided not to stop the tag just yet. Last week was a boring week for me (well, every week is a boring week to me). So many things happened to me and my family but I don't wanna rant about it here cause it sounds too pathetic. So here's how my week goes..

Hot Milo with extra marshmallow, a must have while curling up with a book. I'm interested in one of the article in Elle mag about magazine intern's life at work. 

Bro got me a Cherry Dr. Pepper, but it tasted like a cough syrup. Yuck! 
Twice power outages in one night... t(-.-t) 

My Tekken character, Alisa is already a 'Tekken God'..
Spent all week with books and earphone in my ear shutting the world off.
I read this book halfway and already gave up. Because it's too.. I don't know but l will retry to finish it some time soon.

So that was how my week goes. Nothing extraordinary. very plain and boring.
Wake up - eat - play - read - eat and repeat.
Some people said they are jealous of my lazying out lifestyle, but look closely... really close...
This is the life of a jobless person! It's never good! Nothing good about it..
Trust me..

So, how was your week?

To my new followers, I love you! ^^

Listen to: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Thrift Shop (ft. Wanz)


  1. MMMM hot chocolate! xo

  2. OMG after seeing your post, I'm actually tempted to try putting marshmallows in my cup of hot Milo!! Looks so yummy *-*

  3. @Lauren MMMmmm.. LOL

  4. @Kin It really is.. And guess what? It will makes you full. So it's like skipping a meal ^^

  5. Dr. Pepper...cherry flavor.. my favorite! I love Tekken lol.

  6. Yum, milo with extra marshmallows definitely sounds good! I don't really like Dr Pepper either, to be honest.

  7. @Hleeda I love the original Dr. Pepper ^^
    I love Tekken too. Since I was 12

  8. @Jane Me too. The Cherry one tasted ew! LOL

  9. oh~ milo with marshmallows... i've had hot cocoa with marshmallows, never thought of putting them in milo. shall give it a try tomorrow! :)

  10. Ohh I crave hot chocolate with marshmellows right now.. especially since it's snowing outside -.-
    I'm not a big fan of dr pepper since I prefer Coca Cola over everything \o/ But coca cola cherry is disgusting though ;;
    lol the first thing I noticed in the pictures with your iPad is Korilakkuma and I dont know why xD
    I read glitz too and I never really liked it.. you should try reading glamour by the same author. It's my most favorite book ever ^^
    And yes I'm back and I wont leave you any soon and I have the best comebacks ever~~~


  11. @Bahiyahnor yeah, I usually put it in my hot cocoa too but Milo tastes good as well ^^

  12. @Alma I too, hate Dr. Pepper.. Idk why. I prefer Mountain Dew or Venom over everything when it comes to soda or energy drinks.

    ㅋㅋㅋ you spotted my boyfriend!
    You do? It's too... Glitz and fame-ish for my liking.
    Glamour? I should keep that in mind.

    Yay!!!!! *throw confettis and big rocks in the water*

  13. YESSS for TOP! Gawwd he's handsome

    I love Dr. Pepper! It has some unique taste to it. I've not tried the cherry version yet though.

  14. Anonymous4:26 AM

    milo + marshmallow = *O* now that's something that i need to try.

    i honestly hate dr pepper and feel the need to let everyone know. lol.

  15. @Huong hahahaha IKR!
    I love Dr. Pepper too but not the cherry one.

  16. @Grace yes, try it... I always add some oats if I don't feel like eating..

    Hahaha me too!

  17. why is it... i hate marshmallow? i need to reevaluate my life.

  18. @Fiffy hahaha I love the small ones and the plain ones but I hate the flowers and colorful marshmallows. idk why..

  19. The photos look awesome! xx

  20. Hi,Can i ask what software your use to edit the tone of your photo?? :)

  21. @Queena I just use photoshop curves from Colors & Wishes. And I tone it up also using PS5.


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