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My Week In Photos #2

It's been a while since I do 'Week In Photos' post. My last WIP post was oh... I don't know.. LAST YEAR?? But I think it's okay as long as it wouldn't vanish from my mind forever.

The book that I stole from my aunt's house because it was dusty and abandoned. It was calling me for a read. So I did.

I was taken aback when I saw the date it was purchased. This book is the same age with my sister. 

Since I'm a grown up now, I don't receive as many 'Raya money' as much as I was a little kid. But in this envelope, contain enough money to buy myself a new Samsung Galaxy Note. Muahahah!

I can't fit Yaya's ZARA bow heel. Seriously..

Self destruct. Skylar Grey - Invisible.

The sky was dark the whole day for the whole week.

So that was how my week goes. It's not that fun anyway just wet weather and books.
If you read this post from the beginning till the end, thank you so much! *virtual hugs*

Listen to: Jay Z - Ni**as In Paris (ft. Kanye West)


  1. OMAGAD CAT SO ADORABLE!!!! Ass who threw him away, seriously. And I have an old Tintin comic book from 1987 haha so cool!
    I use an iPhone, my last iPhone got stolen too like right after I got it haha so I got stuck with some lousy phone until my plan ended - 2 years. I hope you have better luck than me and find yours!
    Hm I don't know my voice sounds nasal. I think I'll leave the covering to the professionals :-)

  2. Poor kitty! >_< I love your posts / photos, seriously!

    I hope you tell us about the book in your next post! :D



  4. these are such beautiful photos. the quality is just totally amazing! :D

    BTW, you can buy the African Black Soap at their website. Visit I hope you guys like it :)

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    Want a pair of Lens Village Circle Lenses? Come and join my giveaway!


  5. Forever fangirling over your beautiful photos ;~;
    Whut? you got that much money? ._. I only got like $100.. Some people just dont want to give money anymore because I'm too old T^T That's no excuse because my dad's aunt said they have to give you money for eid untill you get a job and stuff xD
    The heels look so pretty! *_____* -steals-
    And poor kitty! omg I cant stand people who can do things like that to poor innocent animals ;A; Can i adopt her *______*


  6. Samsung Galaxy Note, i want that too
    my 'raya money' far enough from yours haha
    My father have thousand of dusty books
    but some words in Dutch and Germany
    so I never touch it, my mom keep it as a display haha

  7. @ADDIE Those people is an ass! I hate heartless inconsiderate human being.

    Tintin comic from 1987??? Wicked!

    Oh.. What a bummer. But I think I will never ever find mine again :(
    It's still hard for me to believe that I actually lost it.


  8. @Kirsten Poor him right?

    I would love to, but I don't want to bore you guys -.-

    Thank you so much..

  9. @AJ I wish I could but I can't adopt it since we already have too many pets (birds, sugar glider and bearded dragon) in our house and we live in a small apartment. I really want to.. I'm a cat lover..

  10. @Carrie Me and my mom will totally check out the web and the soap there.

    Thank you Carrie!

  11. @Alma Same here but most of my close Aunts and Uncles don't really care if you are married or already have a job as long as you are related to them, they will give the 'raya money' to you.

    Come here and celebrate raya with me. You'll be rich in no time. LOLJK!

    If only I can walk in them.. Beauty but painful.

    Me too, I really can't stand them. Of course you can, If I can find her.. -.-

    Thanks love for fangirling over my photos.. I'm forever a fangirl of your closet!

  12. @Sylvie We both want Galaxy Note!! *protest*

    I really wanted to own one or two foreign languages novel in my collection. Not to read it but do it like your mom did, as a display.

    In the future, it will worth more than the original price.

  13. Poor cat!!

    But, who cares what people think about your blog. I love it and so glad I came across it! (now following- hehe)


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