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My Week In Photos: #1

Activity: Watching Unstoppable
Location: Dad's house

I brought my mom to the National Castle. She really wanted a photo with the royal horse -.-  

Last week weather has been nothing but wet.

My sister's bf (Michael & Guy hairstylist) came by and gave my sister a crazy hair tattoo. 
This is how the back looks like. FYI, the right side and left side are two different design. 

My mom bought this slippers in Indonesia to wear in the house. My mom said they ran out of Hello Kitty. 

We went and visit our beach house at Port Dickson. Oh, how I miss this place so much

And last but not least, we had an ABC (Ais Batu Campur a.k.a Ice shave)  in Ipoh while visit my grandmother. But too bad I hate ABC.. 

Ok.. I know that I rarely update, but wait, I have my own reason.. I'm a lazy girl! lol
Anyway, so here is how my lazy week goes..
I will try to update my blog more often (thats what I said last week.. -.-). Anyway, how was YOUR weekend?

Listen to: Arash - Broken Angel (ft. Helena)



    OSM HAIR TATTOO. wish I could have one. srsly. haha.

  2. *Clutches hair* Omg. How can she even agree to a hair tattoo? Haha.

    And truth be told I hate ABC too, mostly of the weird things they put in there. Don't mind most of the jelly though, mwhehe.

  3. And again your photos are so amazing! Especially the second one. <3
    It's neen raining here too all week, even though they expected it to start snowing :/
    Hair tattoos? Never heard of it before actually, but it looks pretty cool on your sister. I would never have to courage to do something like that with my hair, because I love my hair waaaay too much.
    My weekend will mostly suck because I have to study, except for sunday when I'm celebrating my bday ^^
    Hope you'll enjoy yours! :D


  4. @Rainy Haha I seriously wanted it too but I'm just scared cause my sister said the machine is like a needle jam through your head. lol

    Plus I'm too lazy to take care of my hair, so afraid my hair will get all messed up once they grow.. xD

  5. @Izzie I have no idea.. She came back from outstation and start to have a weird imagination.. lol

  6. @Alma Oh thanks babe. The 2nd photo is a lucky shot. I want snow in Malaysia.. :(
    I never heard of it too, but since I saw Jay Park made it, they start to do that too..
    ME TOO! I'm scared I might messed up my hair cause its already look worse.
    Jyeah! Especially when Se7en wishes you! I forgot to wish you on your blog.. :(


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