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My Week In Photos #3

Bonjour tout le monde. Sorry for my 'absence' in Blogger world. I've been taking care of my dad for the past few weeks until now who is super super sick. I spent a week at my 'wifiless'-village and then somehow my internet encountered a few problems and I'm not that professional to fix it myself and too lazy to deal with the internet company.

I have a few posts that came into my mind as I sit at this restaurant (while waiting for my Teh Tarik) but for the end of November of 2012 post, I wanna share about how my week goes. I mean last week of course. It was no fun but it stuck in my laptop because I was so stupid to captured it. LOLWHAT?! 

  1. ▸ My current reading.
  2. ▸ I just finished Eat. Pray. Love. hands down.
  3. ▸ Shot from my brother of his BMX idol from USA (I think..) and 3 others.
  4. ▸ I love stacking up Oreos into a high tower-ish. Cause I'm bored liddat..
  5. ▸ My sneak peak of my future post. 
  6. ▸ Happy Birthday to my Sister and my lil Brother who both celebrated in the month of November.

See how boring my week was? Too short isn't it? I just thought that I shouldn't take a photograph of EVERYTHING just because I'm a blogger. And yes, my sister's hair was green. Now it's electric blue. And the hairstylist accidentally cut her hair like G Dragon in Fantastic Baby and she was mocked ever since like "OMG GD's here!" "I didn't know you have a female GD in your family.." "Are you a big fan of GD? or KPOP?" and something else..

Well, no need to worry about my posting activity anymore. I'm currently schedule 2 posts up for early December. It's a boring posts but oh well!

Listen to: Lana Del Rey - National Anthem


  1. love the photo of oreos!


  2. ooohhh yummi oreos~ I want yummi oreos +.+ gimme yummi oreos!!!
    And what lipstick is that? The color looks so pretty ^^
    ahahahahahahaha if I were here I'd be happy to be compared to GD. GD equals swag so being compared him means you have swag as well, right? :)



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