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I was supposed to blog about my cousin's wedding but I guess that's not gonna happen because as soon as I got to her house everyone was bickering and yelling and some of them are even crying. I asked my mom who was in Kedah 3 days earlier before me about what was going on and she said that the groom backed out from the wedding and went off with some other girl. Even his parent didn't mind at all. I have to say I felt sorry for my cousin because only God knows how it felt like I mean yeah, the invitation already sent, tomorrow is her wedding, the wedding dress and wedding bed was ready and then BAM! no groom..

So I'm going to post about what happened after the wedding (yeah the wedding went on with no groom).

My kind of selca.. please ignore

Had lunch at Hotel Seri I-Forgot-The-Name-Of-That-Goddamn-Hotel

The last time I went to Pekan Rabu when I was, I don't know.... 12? If you come to visit Kedah, and you go to Pekan Rabu, you don't know what you're missing :)

All the Ads and billboards in Kedah are in 'Rumi' (Arabic alphabet, thank God I can read them.)

My Aunt's house is adjacent to the ocean and jetty to Langkawi, It's like Miami but less hipper than 305. That explains the palm trees.

House No. 116

It rains the whole night throughout our staying in Kedah and wet all of our shoes, took 2 days for it to dry wholly.

And... apart from salted fish and beautiful resorts in Langkawi, Kedah is also famous for the largest supplier of rice in Malaysia.

I love to stare at the paddy field all day long with cold breeze hitting my face.  This is the view that will feed your eyes once you reach Kuala Kedah ^_^

We refused to stay at the wedding for too long, so I asked my mom to drove us around Pekan Rabu or in english, Wednesday Town (but don't worry, it opens everyday) because going back to Kedah is a really rare opportunities for my mom - and me obviously - because this is where she grew up. Plus, we are heading back to KL the next day so I don't want to waste more time just sitting around doing absolutely nothing.

The last photo was taken when I was on my way back to Ipoh. I never gonna say goodbye to Kedah because I strongly believe that I will come back here very soon :)
My next Travelogue post will be about my trip from Ipoh to Melaka. puhahahaha! yeah yeah I know, more ridiculously photos overload. Whateverlah I'm bored liao!

Listen to: Lindsey Stirling - Shadows

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  1. lovely pictures. the lunch looks yummy. i have never seen a dish ike that with egg on rice.

  2. @BlackberryFashion Thank you

  3. @Liv Thank you. It was yummy :)
    Its really common here.

  4. such a clear picture you took, the green field really refresh my eyes although technically i'm in my computer haha...

  5. @Sylvie aww... Thank you for saying that. Just set your shutter speed high enough and it will look great. :)

  6. Aw, everything looks so cute :)
    And I have to point out that I love your theme, sooooo beautiful!! <3

    I just started a photography blog, would be so nice if you could check it <3

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  8. Great photos, following you through bloglovin' couldn't find your gfc.

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  9. Thank you for the comment and follow!
    Great photos, I followed you back =)

  10. BEautiful blog! I just found it and I love your pics so much! Could you please consider following each other? Twitter:@shineonbyandrea

  11. @smaller Infinites thank you. I be glad to check it out.

  12. @Cindi oh it's fine, actually my gfc is at the left sidebar. Sorry for that :) bit thank you.. ^_^

  13. @Julie Thanks a lot Julie

  14. @Andrea of course I will :)


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